We teach Practical Tai Chi Chuan style (PTCCI)


I’ve been practicing tai chi for several years now and can not only see the health benefits but also the martial side of this ancient art. My background and work experience is in construction and the tolls that manual labour puts on the body over the years I have found tai chi very useful. My general well-being can be attributed to the practice of tai chi. Tai chi with its slow movements can improve balance, exercises that focus on breathing improve stress. It can help improve the immune system and give you better health and mobility. It is a fun and interesting hobby or pastime which is accessible for all levels, youngsters and seniors, athletes to those with mobility issues.

Tai chi is good for health and wellness. An enjoyable pastime or hobby that help increase fitness and stamina. Many of the exercises called qigong can help with recovery after an illness or injury. It can be used to reduce stress, improve our moods and other issues associated with our modern lifestyle. Taught as a martial art it is a fun and interesting sport with many self defence applications making tai chi practical.

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I help my teacher on a Monday and Saturday morning For classes in Stockport please note during the Covid-19 pandemic these classes are by invitation only due to limited numbers and subject to change.