We teach WuDang Tai Chi Chuan style (PTCCI)


Welcome to wudang tai chi chuan in Manchester. Tai chi is great for maintaining health and vitality. The benefits are numerous. We teach forms, weapons and pushing hands. As we teach the forms we will explain some of the movements and teach an application for that move, whether it is a health or martial application, it will give you some insight into where tai chi chuan came from and how it was used in the past and how today it is still practical.

We teach and train on a Monday evening at Bramhall and Wednesday evening at St George’s church. For private lessons please contact Jon for availability. For classes in Stockport or Contact Jon for more details.

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Tai chi with its slow movements can improve balance, exercises that focus on breathing improve our stress levels. It can help improve the immune system and give you better health and mobility. It is also fun and an interesting hobby which is accessible for all levels, youngsters and seniors, athletes to those with mobility issues.

My background and work experience is in construction. I have found tai chi very useful. My general well-being can be attributed to the practice of tai chi.

Tai chi is good for health and well-being . An enjoyable pastime or hobby that can help increase fitness and stamina. Many of the exercises called qigong can help with recovery after an illness or injury. It can be used to reduce stress, improve our moods and other issues associated with our modern lifestyle. Taught as a martial art it is a fun and interesting sport with many self defence applications making tai chi practical for today’s lifestyles.