Spring 22

After a long winter, we enter a new season of renewal and growth. The winter saw a spike in the covid infections and saw the importance of continuous tai chi practice. Within our group we continued to train indoors with masks and outdoor when we did close partner work. Even though the government has relaxed the rules we continued to take the route of caution.

After Dan Docherty sudden passing away, founder and head of PTCCI. Gatekeeper of our style of tai chi chuan. The last few months have been a time of reflection. Reflecting on the things that Dan had taught for nearly half a century. He is very much in our thoughts and had a massive impact on our group in Stockport, often visiting for many times over the years and taking an interesting in everyone there. We are grateful that he wrote many books that we can refer to. He has left behind many capable Teachers who I’m sure will carry on.

Our teacher in Stockport was awarded a level 9 last year, the highest achievement and is capable of transmitting Dans system in our area. Myself, as a level 5 will do my best to continue to support our group in Stockport. Teaching how to apply the applications in a martial setting. Keeping it real and practical.

We are always encouraged to travel to other experience teachers of our system. Always grateful for them sharing their knowledge and experience. The corrections are always welcomed to. We have recently been travelling to our tai chi older brother Charlie in Birmingham and this has been beneficial for all of us. We made a trip to visit our friends in Glasgow for a workshop with Charlie Gorrie.

Interested in joining us.

We have a class on Monday at Bramhall park lawn tennis club from 7pm for an hour

We have a class on Wednesday at Stockport, St George’s church, church rooms from 6:50 pm for an hour

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