Based in Manchester, I have been practicing tai chi since 2014. I have mainly focused on learning PTCCI (Practical Tai Chi Chuan International).

Originally from Hong Kong , from the Wu style Tai Chi as taught by Cheng Tin Hung. A local journalist coined the phrase Practical Tai Chi Chuan after seeing how practical Cheng Tin Hung style of tai chi is. Dan Docherty went to Hong Kong in the 70s to learn tai chi, he was trained under Cheng Tin Hung, representing Hong Kong in the 5th south East Asian Chinese martial arts competition which he won. Head of PTCCI he travels internationally to teach, has written many books on the subject, organised competitions and has played a leading role in promoting Tai chi in Europe and UK. Practical Tai Chi Chuan is also know as wuDang style.

My teacher, Chris Henney based in Stockport, has been overseen by Dan since the 90s. Chris is a very experienced teacher with over 40 years experience. Chris has competed, judge and prepared students for competitions. She is a Honorary Vice President of The Tai Chi Union of G.B. she has always encouraged me to travel to train with Dan and his senior instructors. We regularly have Dan visit Stockport to teach tai chi.

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a few competitions. Winning medals for forms and push hands. At London open, UK open and European competitions.

If you would like to learn, use the contact form. Looking forward to seeing you. Jon