First tai chi workshop since Covid-19 lockdown

Small group of PTCCI students of Dan met up near Northampton at the weekend for some socially distance instruction from Dan Docherty. There around 12 of us in attendance. It was a bit awkward at first, remembering to keep our distance and wearing masks when necessary. Arranged by Caroline, everything was in place to make […]

Spear form

Tai chi has three main weapon forms. Sword, sabre and spear. Spear is the shortest form, takes about a minute to perform. Easiest to learn the hardest to perfect. I am using a composite bamboo pole. This is from my private practice on Monday evening Chris Henney taught me the sequence that Dan Docherty had […]

Three amigos go training

Three of us were able to meet up in a suitable location while adhering to social distancing rules. It was nice to meet up for a couple of hours. Having a catch up and remembering to keep our distance. We had plenty to do practicing our forms and having a brief discussion to see what […]

Single whip

Introducing the single whip in the PTCCI system

Cloud hands

With large circling arms interchanging while the the trunk/waist rotates left and right. This is a relaxing exercise with martial practicality. Done with small weights can build strength and improve grip.

No special equipment needed

Easy to start practicing with no specialist equipment or clothing required. Most of what you need is probably in your wardrobe or easy obtain. Pair of flat pumps or trainers are ideal, try to avoid footwear that has a heel like running trainers. Loose fitting gym clothes like a t-shirt and jogging bottoms are great […]

Silk pyjamas in the park or Supreme ultimate fist

Supreme ultimate fist, tai chi is the supreme ultimate and chuan in this context is fist. Many when they think of tai chi they conjure up images of people in silk pyjamas moving very slowly in a park. That is an aspect of tai chi and very popular as a exercise, but it couldn’t be […]

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