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  • Summer 2022

    Quite a bit has been going on, we have continued our training at Stockport on a Wednesday evening. We have quite a few beginners now. They are making good progress through the Short form and along the way basic applications. Many of us who have been practicing a while now, we are going back over […]

  • Spring 22

    After a long winter, we enter a new season of renewal and growth. The winter saw a spike in the covid infections and saw the importance of continuous tai chi practice. Within our group we continued to train indoors with masks and outdoor when we did close partner work. Even though the government has relaxed […]

  • Trip to Orkney 2021

    Recently arrived back from a trip to Orkney. There is a small group of folks practicing tai chi on the islands. It was a nice opportunity to met them and see the splendid vistas of the islands. Charlie Gorrie the principal instructor for PTCCI in Scotland with giving a workshop on Sunday afternoon in Kirkwall. […]

  • Pat the horse high and spread the hand

    This is part of the form. It is near the beginning of the short form, after we have done cloud hands and before the section with the kicks. In long form, pat the horse high is done several times and not always followed with spread the hands. As an application it has to be set […]

  • Tai chi in the park

    We have been trialling a session for a Wednesday evening. It is common place in China to see people practicing Tai chi in the local parks and outdoor areas. Why not here in the uk. Well we don’t have the best weather for outdoor activities, sometimes we can get four seasons just in one day. […]

  • Wu wei, Not much going on

    Last few weeks have been quiet on the tai chi front. The uk has been in a national lockdown due to high COVID 19 infection rates. We have continued with personal training and hopefully as the roll out of the vaccines takes affect we will be able to get back to some sort of normal. […]

  • Banana milkshake isn’t the secret to winning

    I’ve always enjoyed competing and it really focuses my training. One particular competition in London, I’d spent a few months training. We’d regularly practice pushing hands few times a week, neigong (internal training) and conditioning exercises every day. I’d say I was pretty well prepared. As with large competition events there is a lot of […]

  • Introduction to Qigong

    Qigong and tai chi have a connection, both are heavily influenced by Daoism. The practice of qigong can be traced back to ancient China, some say its origins go back five thousand years but more likely 2 or 3 thousand years. Qigong exercises can be moving and fixed. The moving exercises are where parts of […]

  • First tai chi workshop since Covid-19 lockdown

    Small group of PTCCI students of Dan met up near Northampton at the weekend for some socially distance instruction from Dan Docherty. There around 12 of us in attendance. It was a bit awkward at first, remembering to keep our distance and wearing masks when necessary. Arranged by Caroline, everything was in place to make […]

  • Spear form

    Tai chi has three main weapon forms. Sword, sabre and spear. Spear is the shortest form, takes about a minute to perform. Easiest to learn the hardest to perfect. I am using a composite bamboo pole. This is from my private practice on Monday evening Chris Henney taught me the sequence that Dan Docherty had […]